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i'm an outgoing girl who loves adventure and nature.i can't stay still and get my butt attached to a chair. Running around like a wild horse is what i prefered.i talked alot,loves sharing thoughts and opinion.i use this blog to make my mind clear,on what i want and what to do next.Life is just so exciting..isn't it? >.o an ELF♥

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Birthday and Thank you

From my ELF bestie (credit Nur Fasihah)^^

It's my birthday today.Yet it's a SPECIAL one.Lots of unexpected surprises.Met lots of new friends who made my birthday filled witㅗ warmth and surprises.Besties and old buddies who spent time with me~ planning my bday gifts for along time to hand it to me.counting down for my birthday,celebrating with me.sending me all the best regards.Thank you for you made my day.an unforgettable birthday this year,at the age of 18~감사합나다!언제나 친구하게!♥

Present 1 (credit to Sabrina Kok)

present 2 (credit to Wenny)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

50 things to be thankful of ^^

1.Thank you that I'm alive.
2.Thank you that i can still see.
3.Thank you that i can still breathe.
4.Thank you that i can feel .
5.Thank you for i have a family who loved me with all their hearts.
6.Thank you for i have great and wonderful friends.
7.Thank you for i have Buddha with me all the time.
8.Thank you I've got blessings from God even I'm a Buddhist.
9.Thank you for all the hardships that molded me into who i am today.
10.Thank you for the great teachers who are willing to teach and help me,inspire me and most of all treat me like i'm their family.
11.Thank you for i have friends who were with me whenever in ups and downs of life.
12.Thank you for i have idols who inspire me to be a better person.
13.Thank you for i have people who i can share my passion and dreams with.
14.Thank you for i can dream .^^
15.Thank you for i'm given a chance to work hard towards my dream and to make it come true.
16.Thank you for letting me know my weakness and help me improve.
17.Thank you cause my house is very near to nature.
18.Thank you for every chance i'm given to love.
19.Thank you for i have the ability to comfort others when they were down.
20.Thank you for I'm financially secured.
21.Thank you for i am safe.
22.Thank you for i have the chance to travel.
23.Thank you i keep meeting new friends who became my children,sisters,brothers and besties :)
24.Thank you for i'm be able to chase up my time go outing with besties and spend time with them.
25.Thank you for i got a satisfying result.
26.Thank you for i'm given a chance to try out different occupation.
27.Thank you for i'm given a chance to master different skills.
28.Thank you for letting me meeting great mentors in my life,
29.Thank you for having protectors when i was weak and vulnerable.
30.Thank you for i have people to consult when i was lost or down.
31.Thank you for friends ,family and all those who iheve met and haven't take me as somebody important in their life.
32.Thank you for those who appreciated every effort i give in no matter what i do.
33.Thank you for those who gave me recognition and encouragement whenever i did well.
34.Thank you for those who gave me the courage to try again and fight back when i was defeated.
35.Thank you for i can love who i want to love,like what i wannna like,and make effort for something i want to have.
36.Thank you for i am healthy.
37.Thank you for i have six months holiday in my life.
38.Thank you for i have time to do things i like instead of just homework homework and homework.
39.Thank you for everyone who loved me.
40.Thank you for those who bashed me, criticised me,laughed at me,tease me and bully me when i was weak,because you made me stronger.
41.Thank you for the miraculous twist and turn in life.They filled my life with adventures and surprises.
42.Thank you for the people who wanted to know me and be my friend.
43.Thank you my family bonds are strong and close.
44.Thank you I made my family happy and proud.
45.Thank you for i'm be able to fall and get up again.
46.thank you for i'm be able to get into the news for good purpose so many times.
47.Thank you for i am be able to receive education.
48.Thank you for i can buy ,collect and keep things i love.
49.Thank you for all the gifts from people who remembered my birthday.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thoughts of the Day

It's really touching when a friend remembers you while she's far way in other places.
Remembering your interest and favourites....
There's nothing better than having a cup of nice coffee with a bestie of yours...talking about dreams and random topics of interest.
i hope i have more chance like this.

Thank You,Bestie Oik. :)
Besties For Life♥
p/s: hope u dun mind i did this sharing :D

Friday, February 17, 2012

sometimes...i wonder who understands me

no matter how much i do.....
to them i'm nvr good enuf.
no matter how hard i try...
they nvr see it.
no matter what i say...
they nvr thought that i was just reasoning and keep pressing on me that i'm opposing them.
no matter how eager i was to tell them how much i wanted to do for them in the future....
they just think i won't be able to do it for them.
whatever i say,nobody's listening.
To them,my strength is only used to oppose them
To them,i'll nvr be independent enuf.
To them,i can't be better than any other ppl daughter or son.
I'm Tired.I don't know what to do anymore.
Could someone understand me?

Could someone see what I've been doing all along?
Could someone see my effort,my love,my struggle?

i just wished someone would just SEE IT.....
cause i'm tired ..REALLY REALLY TIRED.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy single day aka happy valentine's day!

who says single person can't celebrate valentine's day?
people celebrate them for the love between husband and wife,couples,the girl or the boy you love...
I celebrate it for the love of my life!

happy valentine's day!<3
p/s: <3 him for always being so inspiring

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Super Junior Themed Mandala Art

It's finally complete! :D This is the first Mandala art that took me more than one day's time ( precisely 2 days) to complete.Just sharing for fun :D Enjoy!
Try to read what is inside.It's a small recording on Super Junior's basic portfolio *wink* >.O

Friday, January 27, 2012

Mandala Artwork

Got obsessed with mandala art work recently.Well,unlike sketching or drawing...this artwork reflects the unconscious thinking of the artist...exactly what the person is thinking right at the moment.It helps to calm down one's emotion and mind,helping a confused person get a clear picture on the shouts of the inner self.It is also widely used in psychology treatments.The mandala drawing artwork starts with an empty circle.Once you start drawing...ideas flow in naturally.


here are some of my "masterpiece" trials on Mandala artwork. enjoy!